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After spending the better part of the 1950’s building a successful manufacturer’s rep business with his father Floyd, Curtis Heckaman made a sales call in the fall of 1959 that would change the lives of his family and the face of the tube fabrication industry.


In his meeting that day, he was given an opportunity to supply short run, formed tubing assemblies to a customer, but was later unable to find a manufacturer that could meet the stringent quality and delivery requirements. Determined to provide his customer with a solution, and with the knowledge and experience gained from years in manufacturing, Curtis submitted his own bid for the work, and was awarded the contract. With that first order in hand, Curtis Products became a reality. The successful fulfillment of that first order established the foundation of a leader in the tube fabrication industry.

Today, over 50 years later, and in the 3rd generation of family management, Curtis Products has grown to become a leading supplier to OEM’s with a broad range of products. With 254,000 square feet of dedicated plant space, a skilled and well trained work force, and a management team that’s 100% committed to their founding principles of delivering top quality and superior customer service at the best possible price, Curtis represents the standard of the industry in tube fabrication.

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